Naturally Wonderful Natural History Museum

It’s been months since I’ve been to the Natural History Museum. I had forgotten how fantastic the place is! My sister and I spent a day there a few weeks ago and had a marvelous time. These are some of the sketches I did while we partied dino-style.

My favorite dino of the day is as follows, it is far from anatomically correct but it’s got something I want all of my drawings to have. When I look at it I can almost detach myself from it as if someone else drew it and my first thought is, whoever drew that had fun while they were drawing. That’s what an impulse I want in all of my work.

I really like the museum’s dinosaurs, they awe me and make me feel like a tiny child in a vast world, which is my favorite feeling. This time they weren’t my focus. We spent a lot of time in the North America rooms and I had one of my favorite moments with my sister while we just sat quietly and drew owls. There were plenty to draw and these were my two favorite. The case they have them in is lit in a creepy way. They made me want to run straight home to watch ‘Twin Peaks.’

I spent my fair share of time at the North American ducks


 We visited the rhinos before we put the sketchbooks away. I can’t wait to go back.

YAY for the baby!

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