Happy Valentine’s Day, Lovies!

Okay, this is a tad early. I’m working on comps for a client and these were rejected, only because the others are significantly cuter 🙂 Such a happy accident. Sometimes I secretly love when something gets turned away early – so I get to horde it for my own projects. This one has such a lovey dovey theme that I thought I should share it for V-day. I’ll be spending Valentine’s day with Matchbox Twenty . . . oh and my hot date this year so I thought I’d better post away. This way I won’t forget to show it off in my “Rob Thomas coma” that I’ll probably go into in anticipation of all that icky love stuff.

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Dragon swimming in a bathtub. We adopted this dishy-fishy in Mexico during the #happilyeveralvarez wedding week of dreams. There are few worldly possessions that bring me as much joy. 🌈🌈#mood #nofilter End of the rainbow. 
#happyeaster #cake In my own bed tonight, where visions of last week's Yellowstone vignettes dance in my head (mainly because now that I've got wifi back I'm clinging to my iPhone in the pitch dark.) #takemebacktowyoming #witchesbrew Happiness is where everything you can fit into a grocery bag costs $5 #Montana #thriftshop #Montana #thriftshop 🤔😬😳 Happy first day of making! #the100dayproject starts today! You can follow my commitment to #100daysofscribbledrawings @shesureissketchy 💜
Nature wins every beauty contest.
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