Surtex Count Down!!

I’ll be at Surtex in Less than two weeks, much less than two weeks. Ok, let’s be honest. I’m kind of freaking out. Ok, I’m really freaking out. My problem is that when I truly freak out I give myself a migraine forcing me to take a full ten hour time-out. Thus, I have to monitor my freak out levels so as to stay functioning. SO EXASPERATING!

I’m wandering into the slightly unknown when it comes to Surtex. Luckily I have a ton of experience with large shows and I’ll be drawing on that. My mom has been defying child labor laws since 1987 when she used to dress me and my younger sister up in matching dresses and take us to gigantic craft fairs huge conference centers. We would work ten hour days as her “special sales girls.” A lot has changed since the days when I used to work in exchange for pretty stickers and crayola crayons . . . I now work to buy Winsor & Newton inks… I’m ever so thankful for the sales experience. You should check her stuff out over at
Betty Tags.
She pretty much rocks.

I also have a unique situation at my job. I animate for a company that is smart enough to send their artists away on business trips to conferences now and again. That way we can talk with the people buying product and see how things are being received. These are done in pure convention style very similar to Surtex. I’m sure my experience with the shows that I go to for work in Chicago and Florida will be slightly different than my upcoming show in Manhattan. I’m afraid there won’t be Hilton Hotel rooms, 600 thread count sheets and five course meals in the cards. . . sigh. . .

I have tons to do to get ready so my posting here at ‘She Sure is Sketchy’ may be sporadic. I’ve discovered that if I take a cold shower at one in the morning I can keep drawing for another hour or two πŸ™‚ I was supposed to get a new website up in time for the event. I’m on an illustration roll and I don’t really want to stop to program stuff in html. It’s a tough call. I’m still swamped creating intellectual property and filing art for copyright.
Okay, since I despise posting stuff that’s just text, here’s another peek at my Baby Mermaids. They’re scheduled to make their official debut in ten days. . . but who’s counting?
Ps. Come say ‘Hi’ at Surtex 2008!!! I’m in booth 2518 in Hall 1E. Come pick up a temporary tattoo and a smile πŸ™‚

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  1. AmberI am so thrilled to find you! Love your work. You are the first person that I have found with a blog that has mentioned Surtex. I attended in 2007 to observe and take some seminars. Have fun and don’t work to hard!

  2. I love your illustrations! I am a designer and have not been so inspired to draw lately. But ever since I purchased your drawings for Hanna Stamps, I have been drawing more frequently. So thanks for the push and I hope you had fun at Surtex. I would love to check that show out!

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