They’re at it Again! Stop Orphan Works Bill!

**If this Bill is only meant to help libraries and museums, why did they draft it behind closed doors?

**Why have the doors been opened wide for commercial infringement of the work of living authors actively licensing their work?
**Why do they want to pass it when nobody is looking?
**Why do they want to re-write copyright law without an open debate?

Stop this effort to give content to Big Internet firms by under mining copyright law. Get the word out!
Light up Washington and home offices of your Congressman.
Contact the media.· Deny them cover. Do not let them hide.
Tell them we will hold each of them accountable.
Here is the message to communicate to your Congressman, Key Leaders,
Aides and Media:

** The “Dark Archive” – where infringers can register their paperwork in secret – will not protect our copyrights.

**An “Open Archive” – with orphaned work exposed to to the public -would be a come-and-get-it bank for plagiarists and infringers.

**Artists cannot monitor tens or hundreds of thousands of images everyday to see if somebody somewhere has infringed their work.

**There are more than a trillion images subject to orphaning each day.

**If someone can’t find me, that doesn’t mean I’ve orphaned my work.
An unsuccessful search for a property owner should not be a license to steal.

**Artists should not have to digitize their life’s work at their own expense to comply with a law they don’t want or need.

**The high cost compliance would make compliance prohibitive.

**The loss of exclusive rights would undermine contractual agreements with clients.

**We cannot sell exclusive rights to clients if others can publish our work without our knowledge or consent.

**The loss of exclusive rights would devalue our entire inventories of work.

**Small business owners should not be forced to subsidize the business models of Big Internet firms.

**No rational business owner should have to give access to their inventory, meta data, client contact information, etc. to outside business interests.

**Tell lawmakers to prevent passage of this bill until it can be subjected to an open, informed and transparent public examination.

**Tell them this is no way to re-write copyright law.

**Tell them it will affect millions of rights holders worldwide.

**Tell them you would support a true orphan works bill, but this is not it.

**Tell them to to consider the amendments presented by the Illustrator’s Partnership, Artists Rights Society and Advertising Photographers of America

Phone, fax, email these Congress people immediately:
DELAHUNT Phone: (202) 225-3111
Fax (202) 225-5658
CONYERS Phone: (202) 225-5126
Fax: (202) 225-0072
Phone: (313) 961-5670
Fax: (313) 226-2085
NADLER Phone: (202) 225-5635
Fax: (202) 225-6923
Phone: (212) 367-7350
Fax: (212) 367-7356
BERMAN Phone: (202) 225-4695
Fax: (202) 225-3196
Phone: (818) 994-7200
Fax: (818) 994-1050
Phone: (202) 225-4965
Fax: (202) 225-8259
Phone: (415) 556-4862
Fax: (415) 861-1670
Phone: (202) 225-4131
Fax: (202) 225-4300
Phone: (301) 474-0119
Fax: (301) 474-4697

To find Washington and District Office phone, fax and web forms for your Representative and enter your zip code

To find the contacts for your Local Media go to
and enter your zip code

This release was written by Brad Holland and Cynthia Turner,
for the Board of the Illustrators’ Partnership
Please post or forward this message immediately to any interested party.
For news and information:
Illustrators’ Partnership Orphan Works Blog:
Over 75 organizations oppose this bill, representing over half a million creators.

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About last night. 🦌💛 Crawling home on all fours after celebrating at the epic Puppy Par-tay my brother and sister-in-law put on for my dog nephew, Milo tonight. It was everything and more, complete with a bone-shaped swimming pool. #dreamtheimpawssibledream 🤘#livewithnoregrets We otter go exploring more rivers. 😍
#lifeachievementunlocked A Mama said there’d be days like this😍
Totally alone in the Natural History Museum’s Hall of Mammals for hours! Hashtag Blessed. It’s 1 AM. Do you know where your mini gummi bears are? 
#fairgame #latenightinthestudio #goodbyeoctober We’re celebrating today. I opened my eyes to Matt  crowing, “Amber! Wake up. They made it!” We have been following the inspiring pilgrimage of my mom @incredimombo & sister @prilliegirl_shakazoozoo via text & @instagram for weeks. They set out to trek across Spain a month and a half ago. This morning they walked their 500th mile and crossed into Santiago. Having read a lot about their journey before they set out to do it, I felt concerned at their determination. The Camino is not easy. It requires walking 10-20 miles a day 7 days a week. You have to carry everything you need on your back. The toll is physical, mental & spiritual. Many prepared and experienced hikers do not make it to the end of the journey the first or second time they attempt it. ☀️ So we’re dreaming impossible dreams and celebrating too. It would seem today is a good day to set out to do the impossible. When we moved to Utah I was sure I’d been too spoiled by my childhood on the ocean and my twenties in Brooklyn, to ever find anything to love in the desert. I fully planned on dying of boredom. I don’t know what I’ll do when we outgrow this little Wasatch apartment of ours! Watching the Sun kiss the mountains goodnight from our tiny balcony is beyond description. This picture doesn’t begin to do it justice. Home again.
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