Bye Bye Birthday Month ….

This month I turned 27. Fraught with parties, a ‘snow day’, spinning until I almost got sick, one dangerous game of spoons, Italian dinner in an underground cave, Christian Bale on IMAX, a new President, and about six occasions that required Crumb cupcakes (if you haven’t tried them, I feel sorry for your souls) it was a fantastic birthday month. 20/20 hindsight has been good to us here.

Birthday month 2009 is up there as one of the top 3, “grown-up” time wise. My best friend informs me that real grown-ups never use the word ‘grown-up’ but she’s 25 and what does she know, anyway? My horoscope in the New Year was good so we’ve got that to look forward to. New loves, new clients and new clothes seem to be on a perfectly visible horizon, so that’s exciting too. I wave my handkerchief at the party as it runs back into the winter woods.

I wonder what birthday-month 2010 will bring! Raise your glass, loves. Here’s to another good year!
Alright! I rub my hands together, slap myself in the face and finally, finally GET BACK TO WORK!


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  1. Here’s to all the fabulous new clients and clothes and of course the love…and the cupcakes.Will definitely make time during Surtex week to visit the Village location with cupcake-fiend-of-a-husband. It’s already on the calendar…can’t trust that I’ll remember anything, even as important as cupcakes, between now and then.Careful with the spinning and spoons.My post-birthday gift to you: I will always wear shoes in your presence.

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