And The Fast and Loose Award Goes To…

Me? Really?! Me?! You like me! You really like me!!!
I love that joke.
Here are some boards I did today for my next movie.

When I originally started working at job-job my hand got slapped fairly often for the intensely rendered storyboard frames I would do for each project I was handed. They wanted it rough and they wanted it now. We’d go head to head. Figuring stuff out on the computer and stabbing shots out digitally seemed barbaric. You know me, I love the pencil only slightly more than I love challenging authority. Times were tough.

Slowly, ever so slowly I’ve gotten to this zen spot with job-job. I adore it there. When I’m storyboarding that line from The Three Amigos often comes into my head and I think “Storyboard like the wind!” Haha. We’ve reached this insanely happy spot where I knock this stuff out, they go, “we love it, we love it!” Then we call it a day. See Robert Frost?! Sometimes the path of least Resistance makes all the difference. This has been a big deal for me. It’s allowed me a whole new way of seeing.

Yay for new tricks.
Listening to right this second: ‘More Bad Times’ – The Presidents of the United States of America

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  1. Amber,
    I love to see how you sketch and your story boards. These are so great. Your posts are very inspirational for me. I need to learn to take markers or pencils with me when I'm out and about. I usually take pictures and work from photos – but usually when I run upon some great image…where's the camera?… At home! Hope you have a great 4th of July!

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