I’m dying to have a pet. My single girl NYC lifestyle won’t ever allow for one.

  • Whenever I spend too much time at the dog park at Madison Square I try to convince myself I could do it.

    The plan usually goes like this:
    I could get them on the train in the morning and drop them off at doggy day care (something I normally roll my eyes and spit at) near job-job. Then pick them up at lunch and take them for a run in the park. On my coffee break we could go for another run. Rush hour is no place for a dog. We could walk home to Brooklyn from the Flatiron District every day. Totally doable, right? I already walk home once or twice a week in the spring and fall.”

Haha. Pure puppy insanity.

I get home to my adorable pea-sized apartment in the wee hours and realize I must have been drinking crazy juice. I might be impatient for a pet, but I can only imagine how impatient they’d be with my schedule and space.
Thanks for your comments. I’m going to watercolor this one.
Check She Sure is Sketchy later this week for a revision!

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  1. I adore this sketch and am glad I got to see it before you watercolour it. If you think you might want a puppy, contact me immediately; I may be able to save you several thousand dollars and several hours with a psychiatrist.

  2. Cats are definitely the way to go in an apartment! A slightly older cat is better than a kitten, and two slightly older cats -who get along with each other! – are better than anything. (Love having cats, but won't make the kitten mistake again!)

  3. What a wonderful blog you have. Your header is just amazing and fun! Please feel free to join us our at WatercolorWednesdays. Check the side bar as we are looking for new and fresh blood.. I mean people hee he he hee. All the instruction are on the side bar. Looking forward to having you as member.

  4. love your sketchiness.

    yeah, get a cat. But get a kitten! I combust at their cuteness. if you get when then they're small you can train them to love you and they will imprint on you which is weird yet cool.

  5. “if you get when then they're small”? What on earth? who can decipher what i'm saying, ever.

    ahem. “If you get THEM WHEN they're small…”

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