Amber Alvarez’ Rules of Caution

Things I have learned, so you don’t have to:

ROC#1: Don’t kiss library books. It isn’t sanitary.ROC#2: If you’re going to wear pantyhose you’re really going to have to shave.
ROC#3: If your date asks if you want some Coke, don’t assume he’s talking Cola. ROC#4: There are certain inappropriate things you shouldn’t discuss with coworkers.You know the drill: No one’s going to appreciate DUNE the way you appreciat DUNE.

ROC#5: If somebody asks you for a favor,
find out what it is before you say ‘sure’.
ROC#6: Trix are for kids. I used to think those commercials were so mean! In the second grade I felt worse for the Trix rabbit than I did for my spelling tutor (pour kid) –I crack me up. Now I realize those commercials were a public service announcement for the over 19 set.

ROC#7: If you’re a fish and he’s a bird… best to swim away now, little fish, before someone gets hurt.**

**Exception: You’re a girl and he’s a vampire
If that’s the case,
throw all caution to the wind.

(please revisit ROC#1)

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  1. Hey Amber, i will pass along your information to Linda and she will send to you the invite link so that you can up load your art work for the prompts. Thanks so much for your very kind words. you are super duper talented and that coming from you was a real compliment. thanks and see you at WAWE!

  2. LOL! I really appreciated your pearls of wisdom. I wished I'd read this before confessing my love of the Jonas Brothers to my co-workers…on a conference call. Yikes! Love the drawings.

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