Zucchini is a Funny Word

I think it’s the “kini” part. Hey! What about zucchini bambini?! Oh man. Genius.
OK I’m going to do some sketching and come back to this post later! Hehe.
Ok. I sketched some bambini so I can show you and continue this post.
My mom gave me this recipe over the phone last Summer. It is deliriously delicious. I am sharing it because she calls me to ask me what it is once a week. Since it’s that time of year I thought you lovely blog stalkers might want to try it too. I originally wrote it on post-its and I keep worrying that perhaps I’ve thrown them out. Now I can! Take that paper clutter!
Amber: 1, Paper Clutter: 2,654,031

Zucchini Bambini Pancakes
(I just christened them that)
  • 3 medium zucchini – grated with a cheese grater
  • 3 eggs – beat
  • 1 small red or yellow onion – chopped
  • 1/4 cup fresh Parmesan cheese – grated
  • 1/4 cup white flour (I say use whole wheat flour but then my mom shakes her head and asks who raised me)
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil
  1. Use a cheese cloth or a berry strainer to squeeze out any zucchini water (it’s a technical term)
  2. In a large bowl mix zucchini into the eggs
  3. Add the onion and Parmesan cheese
  4. Stir allup like a pancake batter
  5. add flour and stir allup some more
  6. Heat olive oil in frying pan
  7. Add batter to oil in generous spoonfulls
  8. Flip and fry until perfection
  9. Let cool on paper towels
Serve over sliced Summer tomatoes (fresh from the garden are best) with a lovely Summer salad and homemade lemonade.Listening to right this second: “Just an Old Fashioned Girl” — Eartha Kitt

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  1. What a clever, clever girl. I had 3 bambini zucchini in the garden tonight beggin' to be picked. No tomato/tomatow, but used yoghurt w/lemon to top them off. Oh yes, I did the barefoot contessa and the sketchy-girl proud.

  2. ok girl you have convinced me next year I am going to rejoin the zucchini-growing-masses, I gave up years ago because there was always too much and other people were always trying to give me theirs anyway…it wasn't unusual to come home to grocery bags full of ginormous mystery zucchinis waiting on the front porch…now, not so much and reading this mouthwatering recipe I am actually considering buying a couple just to make these (in my world, purchasing zucchini at the store in August sounds very lonely and odd).
    But mostly…Bambini…you are too clever for your own good and the whole family is flipping adorable look a those faces, I can't stand it. Love these sketches…

  3. I love the bambini zucchini! Never tried zuke (excuse me) pancakes with parmesan; usually use feta. Sounds about right! Cute sketches! But no hair? Fair enough.

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