La Boheme

Last night I saw La Bohemme at Lincoln Center it was…um… good. Yeah. Good. I confess I watched it in Mystery Science Theater 3000 mode. Which was bad. Yeah. Bad. But Awesome. In my defense I was only shushed once.
I saw La Bohemme once years and years ago. I remembered loving the voices, adoring the costumes, admiring the sets and yet not liking the play. I decided to go last night because I reasoned I was probably young and uncultured at my last La Bohemme screening. Sadly, in my adolescence I was surely much more respectful and demure about my viewing experience than the girl sitting in my seat last night. I remember thinking in my young state that the plot really, super sucked. I forgot that the plot is to RENT what Emma is to Clueless. I have always, always, hated RENT. Paying it and watching it. Granted, the songs are inspired. However, at the end of a huge Broadway production I should CARE. At the end of RENT I do not. So my child-self was right and La Bohemme’s plot is sorely lacking.
Sorry, Puccini, somebody had to say it.

The company in which I screened said opera was divine. I had a fantastic time. Although, I came away feeling a little ashamed of my unspoiled gender, as we are total brats. The women in this Opera sure do come on strong. They may be weak but the come on like a mack truck. They constantly need reassurance “Am I pretty?”, “Do you LOVE me?”, “Will you be with me forever?” “Do you STILL love me?” “Are you jealous?” Oh my drama! Of course the men aren’t much better. “Do you love me?” “Do you still love me?” Dudes, the play is over in four acts — How many times do you need to to ask these questions?

There was one shining moment in this play where I thoroughly enjoyed it for all the right reasons as lady Musetta goes on and on about how she is so lovely and people just like to look at her and she likes when people look at her. It was pulled off perfectly. She shamelessly grabbed men’s heads and pulled them into her ample bosom. It was perfection.
I thrilled at the many, many lines that begun ‘Well I am a true poet.”
I’m a Poet. You know it. Wahh wahh? OK
When everything was said there were many reusable lines, my favorite may be:
“Death should come alone and in Winter.”

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  1. I like the faces and expressions they go with the lines and they make it great. Especially the heads in the bosom or bosoms I'm never sure is it like sheep, there's never sheeps? Is there a collective noun for bosoms? A flock of bosoms.

    Great energetic drawing.

  2. UNLV put on a (kind of sad) production of “La Boheme” a couple of years ago and I flocked to it because of my devotion to RENT. (And because I had some friends in it.) Anyway, I don't remember much about it, but the one thing I always remembered was “Death should come alone and in winter.” !! Mind meld.

    Love the drawings….especially the bosoms one.

  3. OMG you actually remember MST3000…which puppet were you? I love this: your thoughts, your sketches…”paying it and watching it”
    YOU Amber, are a true poet.

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