Sweet and Simple

I’m working on a new activity at job-job. This month I made a math movie about patterns. It’s funny, I spend so much of my career doing surface design. I just never break it down to this simple and beautiful idea that’s based in the simplest math; math that you learn when you’re in kindergarten. These are going in our geometry unit.
I had to make our activities for this movie as simple as possible.
It is important that the kids can draw in what’s missing themselves.

My instructions were as follows:
“Draw simple shapes: Cat, Dog, Mouse, Blank, Dog, Mouse, Cat, Dog, Mouse……”

This one might be my favorite. I’m going to let this new way of thinking about pattern bleed into my normal artsy life. I’m sure you’ll see this reflected in my surface design in the very near future.

Yeah, like when do I ever think about keeping a butterfly “as simple as possible”?!

I love this little gal! (Oh and incase you couldn’t tell — It’s National Punctuation day, seriously!)

3rd graders at Auburn Elementary School (Auburn, MI)
These kids know how to properly celebrate a holiday.
(I’d use an exclamation point, but you know you’re supposed to use those sparingly.)

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  1. ok, I have to tell you that I couldn't help subconsciously doing the geometry puzzles and didn't realize that fact until I noticed I was feeling a little proud of myself for getting them right.
    And happy belated National Punctuation Day to you.

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