White on White

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before… but I freaking love my job.

This is the conversation I had with my art director this afternoon:
This is the conversation we had in my head:

Him: Have you drawn a Beluga Whale for us before?
Him: Have you used your subperb drawing skills to render us an illustration of the most noble creature of Oceania?
Me: No.
Me: You mean a Beluga Whale!!? Gee. I wish!!!
Him: I’m suposed to draw a Beluga Whale for this next movie.
Me: Lucky!
Me: NO fair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WANNA draw a Beluga Whale. I only got to draw that stupid Bowhead whale for the Arctic Movie.
Him: What was the name of that stupid whale you drew for the Arctic Movie?
Me: The Bowhead Whale?
Me: My Bowhead whale was not stupid…
Him: You wanna draw a beluga whale for me?
Him: I guess since your eyes have gotten as big as 45s I will let you draw it, mainly because you are cute.
Me: Um, I guess.
Me: SCORE!!!! I GET TO DRAW A BABY BELUGA WHALE FOR MY JOB. I AM THE LUCKIEST GIRL EVERRRRRRRRRR! I get to draw a beluga whale. Yayyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!

There you have it kids.
Welcome to
She Sure is Sketchy — where I let you into my head.

listening to right this second: “Soil,Soil” — Tegan and Sara

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