Kid’s Play

I knocked these out today on the playground at Carroll Park.

Around 2:45 today I found myself watching a herd of five year olds as they were trained in the art of tricking and treating.
Sharing was not high on the list of things that interested this particular set. I overheard a particularly poofed princess say “Ohhhhhhhh the orange and the white triangles are called trick or treats!!” they were using candy corn to practice. It was all kinds of adorable.
Luke Skywalker’s father said “I don’t care what your mama said, Fruit snacks is healthy, they’re made with real fruit.” I wanted to cling to a dying battle station and yell “Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo” instead I tossed the kid a granola bar.
This last one was inspired by the ever prolific Katy Rich – Her girls don’t take Halloween lightly.

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#summerchores This one goes out to @jenmorello šŸ˜˜ 
#onlyinnyc Reuniting my husband with this one million year-old pup was a highlight on our banner blink-and-you'll miss it trip home. Brooklyn, we'll miss you forever. Thanks @kymberella281 & @peckelmann you made this guy's weekend. Today has been crap, but now it is beautiful. #gofigure Kisses! 
Nature My husband is the dreamiest. I'm pretty limited in what I can eat these days. We've sidelined dairy, gluten and legumes to help with my auto-immune diseases. There was something particularly tempting while we were in Park City this weekend. It boasted its delicious lime salt loudly. Alas, it wasn't anything I could eat. I lamented and went GF/DF etcF, and then quickly forgot about it. As with most things that cause me fleeting disappointment, Matt remembered. Last night when I got home from the studio, I found this little bottle waiting for me on the counter. He made it himself. #limesalt #love #chefwifelife Dragon swimming in a bathtub. We adopted this dishy-fishy in Mexico during the #happilyeveralvarez wedding week of dreams. There are few worldly possessions that bring me as much joy. šŸŒˆšŸŒˆ#mood #nofilter
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