An ex-boyfriend once diagnosed me as suffering from “movie-life”. If it could happen to Julia Roberts it can happen to me. I was supposed to be riding horses in Italy tomorrow. I missed my plane to Europe when “bad day Saturday” spiraled out of control. I was taken to the wrong airport then the wrong terminal and then the wrong life – in that order. Air France refused to help. Instead of finding myself in seat 34A I took a Red-Eye F train – landing me back in Brooklyn.

On a scale of 1-to-Suck 2009 has seemingly failed to launch successfully. Things have not been up to snuff. Embarrassingly enough, I was sure that this trip to Europe was going to fix the entire year. Missing my flight and then realizing that there was absolutely nothing that Air France was willing to do to get me on a plane was devastating. When I thought about what I was thankful for on “bad day Saturday” all I could really focus on was the fact that when I am wealthy and successful I will be able to take Air France down stone by stone. I decided it would be best to start with a defamatory Super Bowl commercial. Luckily, today rolled around and I had the chance to reassess.

It might sound trite, but I’m thankful for Thanksgiving. I am grateful that I have a day in my life devoted to remembering how much I have and how freely I am given the things that really matter.
Thanksgiving Pumpkins

At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person. Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us.
— Albert Schweitzer

  • I’m thankful that when I got back from the airport mad depressed and disappointed I had a warm and inviting home to sprawl out in. I am not so naive as to think that when other people have bad days they have a wonderful place to lay their head down.
  • I am thankful for the plethora of invites to Thanksgiving dinner that rolled in the second it was discovered that I’d be spending the holiday state side.
  • I am overwhelmed by my ‘urban family’ of friends who take me into their homes and their lives. They pull me in and love me no matter how quirky or odd I am.

Ties That Bind

  • I’m thankful for my roommate who leaves me notes of encouragement and warm cookies on the kitchen table. It is a relief to come home to someone who is always fun and positive to chat with after a long day of drawing robots.
  • My clients and the projects I’m handed offer me the chance I have to live my life as an artist in New York City, a rare and marvelous gift.
  • I am thankful for great music, good books and sunny Fall weather – things that make every bad thing seem better.
  • In this time of uncertainty and fear in the world I am thankful for Brooklyn, for the inspiration it provides me and for the way it makes me happy to be alive.
  • I am indebted to my kooky family. They are among those rare kind of families who are truly and unconditionally there for one another. They make me laugh when I want to cry and vice-versa. I can’t believe I get to call them mine.
  • I am grateful that I have lived my life in the best of two places. I would most certainly have a much different outlook if my parents hadn’t decided to raise me on the edge of reality, nestled against the coast of the Pacific Ocean. I won’t ever be able to understand how or why I was handed such a blissful and perfect childhood.

  • I am always thankful and will forever be grateful I am an American.
  • And on this day of days I am thankful for potatoes, mashed and otherwise.
  • I am thankful for you.

I’m grateful for long and flourishing beautiful Autumn days and for the wild fire of sparks in my life that kindle a flame inside of me. It’s amazing how lucky I am. Happy Thanksgiving, my loves.

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving Amber!
    I am thankful for you. You are a wonderful, creative, talented person and a great friend. I hope your mashed potatoes were as yummy as mine!

  2. Memo from one of the members of the kooky family on your gratitude list:

    I am grateful that you are grateful…and resilient! One of the best qualities I think you can have can be learned from that rubber ball on the recess court. Bully for you that you are bouncing right back. From one with many years of experience now, the less time you spend wallowing in your loss and the faster you get back up on the horse (which you WILL do in Italy one of these days), the more quickly you can resume your ascent to the zenith.

    There is a mountain top just waiting for you somewhere.

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Crawling home on all fours after celebrating at the epic Puppy Par-tay my brother and sister-in-law put on for my dog nephew, Milo tonight. It was everything and more, complete with a bone-shaped swimming pool. #dreamtheimpawssibledream 🤘#livewithnoregrets We otter go exploring more rivers. 😍
#lifeachievementunlocked A Mama said there’d be days like this😍
Totally alone in the Natural History Museum’s Hall of Mammals for hours! Hashtag Blessed. It’s 1 AM. Do you know where your mini gummi bears are? 
#fairgame #latenightinthestudio #goodbyeoctober We’re celebrating today. I opened my eyes to Matt  crowing, “Amber! Wake up. They made it!” We have been following the inspiring pilgrimage of my mom @incredimombo & sister @prilliegirl_shakazoozoo via text & @instagram for weeks. They set out to trek across Spain a month and a half ago. This morning they walked their 500th mile and crossed into Santiago. Having read a lot about their journey before they set out to do it, I felt concerned at their determination. The Camino is not easy. It requires walking 10-20 miles a day 7 days a week. You have to carry everything you need on your back. The toll is physical, mental & spiritual. Many prepared and experienced hikers do not make it to the end of the journey the first or second time they attempt it. ☀️ So we’re dreaming impossible dreams and celebrating too. It would seem today is a good day to set out to do the impossible. When we moved to Utah I was sure I’d been too spoiled by my childhood on the ocean and my twenties in Brooklyn, to ever find anything to love in the desert. I fully planned on dying of boredom. I don’t know what I’ll do when we outgrow this little Wasatch apartment of ours! Watching the Sun kiss the mountains goodnight from our tiny balcony is beyond description. This picture doesn’t begin to do it justice. Home again. I'm leaving Adobe Max and Las Vegas prouder of human beings than I have been since kindergarten. This week, I danced my brains out while Mark Ronson dj'd, had Johnathan Adler speak directly to my soul, learned things I've been trying to understand on my own, met so many of my idols and took my art to a level I've been striving for. I marveled at the depth of creativity in the world, (& of course, I saw Britney, b**tch.) Vegas is so beautiful and bright & strong.
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