Coming Undone

I’m still in the throws of an uber gigantic project that screams at me every time I try to find a moment to myself. It’s been about two months of eating and sleeping said project.

Sea Horsies

Hourse of Course
Here are a few of the million things that sit undone. They hide in the shadows and mock me.


Flower Cabbages

I itch to attack them.

Wallpaper Deviations of Love

You’ll see them here in anticipated done-ness here at She Sure is Sketchy in the OH-So-Wonderful-New-Year that is creeping closer, ever closer.

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Today was lazy, so we took a walk. πŸ’š Summer's not over 'til we say it's over. A night that needs no filter. 😘 
#smalltownamerica #MattysBirthdayTrip2017 πŸŒ™πŸ˜­ πŸ’β€οΈ
#summerchores This one goes out to @jenmorello 😘 
#onlyinnyc Reuniting my husband with this one million year-old pup was a highlight on our banner blink-and-you'll miss it trip home. Brooklyn, we'll miss you forever. Thanks @kymberella281 & @peckelmann you made this guy's weekend. Today has been crap, but now it is beautiful. #gofigure Kisses! 
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