First Night At BroMu

Once a month the Brooklyn Museum (among many other museums in New York) hosts ‘First Night’. This remarkable event occurs every first Saturday. It is something to see and something to celebrate with good friends and good food and interesting art.

These are my dancin‘ feet:

They are not to be confused with my ‘just standing there feet’. For one thing, they are on this sick lit dance floor and even if I wasn’t listening to crazy drum beats with hundreds of crazy Brooklynites I’d be dancing, just. because. of. the. floor.

One of the major perks about First Night is that it’s always accompanied with an outrageous dance party.


Oh and it’s open until way crazy late (as I think all museums should be all the time).

Oh. AND all the exhibits are open and free too.

What a recipe for fun.

Here’s the one thing I illegally unknowingly snapped from the Kiki Smith exhibit. It’s a clump of thorns.

No. It’s a heart! Check out that shadow.
“Life is pain. Anyone who says otherwise is selling something.”
Kiki just gets it. In that ‘I hate men’ kind of way. High-five, sister.
FYI – Kiki Smith’s Sojourn is going strong ’til Fall
If it’s been a while since you’ve been to First Night I suggest dusting it off. This is my favorite ‘just girls’ picture of the evening. With all that feminism everywhere it just didn’t feel “right” to document any men.

If you’re in the neighborhood for fun, and for Brooklyn – a beautiful combo. I suggest this white wonder of bloom and spring and Brooklyn – museum that is.

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  1. WOW! Sounds like you had so much fun!! You lead a really cool life! I love reading your posts. That photo of all the girls is so pretty. I love the soft feel of the background.

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Pointer Sisters kinda night🔥 We’ve been ignoring this sweet potato, but he will not be ignored. 🌱☀️🧡🌈
#lifelessons #bloomnomatterwhat Five years ago, I walked into a cozy Brooklyn bar and met the sweetest boy a girl could ever hope to meet. Tonight he made us the sweetest cake to celebrate.❤️ ❤️ I wish today was a Bill Murray kind of Groundhog Day, I’d be in Mexico toasting these love birds. 😭😭😭 #happyanniversary to @happilyeveralvarez & @alvar529 AND happy one year anniversary of New Sister Day to me & @prillie_shakazuzu. We’re so lucky Ashton got us Heather. 😘 High Tea B-Day was at least 1000% better than these pics. 😍💛😭⭐️🍰
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