Napkin Nudity

Lots of times when I doodle I start with a circle. I adore circles. They speak of such limitless opportunity as an artist, you just know they’re going to lead to something great when you start with a circle.

I feel the same way about napkins and ballpoint pens.  What perfect medium!
Today I was doodling, in that absent minded way.  My coworker interrupted, ‘Dude, do you know you are drawing boobs?”  I looked down and realized she was right. In pure sketchy fashion decided to just go with it. 

I guess someone needs to get herself to life drawing…

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  1. do you remember those books that were supposed to teach you to draw anything and everything with circles?
    Horses. Dogs. Cats. Trees. Children.
    I'm not sure where I was going with this thought … but I have the feeling it would probably be safest if I just leave it at that.
    Oh, and, you amaze me.

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