From Here to There

When I was a kid. I adored this funny book about a mouse who is trying to get home or to his grandmothers, it’s a bit of a haze. He starts by driving, and then the tires get worn down. So he takes his bike out and rides his bike and then the tires get worn down, then he gets out his skates and tries to skate there – but you guessed it, the wheels get worn down. Finally, he sets out walking.


Man, what a gem. If anyone knows what that book was called, 100 points and a hug. I’d love to have it here in my library of books for people under eight. I remember it being skinny and paperback and full of other ridiculous stories about this mouse. The illustrations were tiny and detailed and oh man, I hope someone knows what I’m talking about.

As a kid, when I used to dream about the best way of travel, and when I dream now of the best way to travel, I always dream of the sea.

Here are a few quick sketches (like 5 minutes worth) of transportation ideas this morning.

I’m going to refine them and put them up again here at She Sure is Sketchy, later this week.

As with everything I do lately, they scream surface design to me.

Happy FRIDAY!!!! WOOT!


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  1. Are we sure that it isn't a book YOU might have illustrated based on Runaway Ralph or The Mouse and the Motorcycle or Ralph S. Mouse? Afterall you WERE a beverly Cleary groupie.

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