Today I Perfected My Patronus

At midnight on the release eve of every Harry Potter movie, I don a shirt for the special occasion and sneak through the night to the largest and best theater possible. I wear my HP pride with pride. This last week, Harry hit the U.S. with force. The weekend prior to his arrival I gathered with a few of my favorite friends, to watch the sixth movie in preparation for the seventh and to design this year’s shirt.

During an obsessive conversation about patronus‘ that evening we decided to each take Facebook’s long and antiquated ‘what is your Patronus?’ test. Mine turned out to be a hedgehog.

Bravery is your strong suit, and you are a kind creature to all, though your spiney exterior may make others think otherwise. You are proud of the strange parts of you that make you different!

I’ve been playing around with ideas for next movie’s shirt. This won’t make the cut, but I thought I should share the nerd power. Hedgehogs unite! We might not be the strongest member of Dumbledore’s Army, but there’s a chance we’re the cutest.

Oh P to the S – This just reminder-ed me of one of my favorite films from Animation History in college, Hedgehog in the Fog. Can you handle the sweetness?

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