What’s On Your Workdesk Wednesday? Wreath By Evergreen

Tonight My workdesk is being presided over by the first episode of Ugly Betty,
which is cuter than I recall and streaming in the background.

If you know me at all, you know that I am NOT patient, and you also know that I HATE rules. However, there are a couple that are paramount to living life to the best of your ability, when I defy these I often regret it.

#1 – Don’t ever leave the house in underwear that you wouldn’t want to caught dead in. I learned ths one in the fifth grade, when an emergency appendectomy found me in the Dr.’s office wearing care bear panties. Man those were cute, wish I had a pair like that now.

#2 – Never give your number to a stranger, your email, yes, but your number never. I learned this one the hard way Halloween 2009 when I met Jack, who my friends later wrote a song about. He is now affectionately known in past tense as JTR – Jack the Ripper. Haha. Good times.

#3 – Never ever, ever, decorate the house for the holidays until the house is Mr. Clean-clean. HAHA. HAHAHAHAHAH

So, this is something I’m going to for sure find myself regretting.
This is the view to the West of my desk……

And here is the main event. Yep, that’s an Evergreen bough!
Tonight I found myself in the flower district, desperate to keep warm. In addition to coming down with a cold, I’m finding myself in the city without gloves fairly often, but usually only on the coldest days of the year. I ducked into a lofted space and before I knew it, I was the proud owner of this fine specimen of wreathdom.

So tonight, despite the MESS, out came the felties.

I created the felties years ago at my parent’s beach house on Oahu. I am pretty sure I was 14 when I first pulled out every sheet of red, white and green felt we owned and went to town creating an army of snowmen and holiday stars.

So I made these babies, half my life ago. Now the little fellows spend most of the year in residence in a sandy zip-lock bag in a certain Brooklyn closet, in a particular box, boldly labeled ‘Christmas’.

Tonight out came the ribbon, the felties, and the copper wire. I blissfully cut my hands to high heaven. Now the felties live to cheer again.

Felties unite!

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  1. Thanks Dawn! I like the gingerbread men best. I feel so bad because I just found the rudolph I made sitting here all lonely on my desk. I will try to reunite them later πŸ˜‰

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