Sketchbook Retirement – #32

Who: Girl of All Work :Desert Collection
What: Recycled Paper, Fabric covered, Ribbon Bookmark
When: July 2010
Papél New York / 529 Court Street / Brooklyn / New York / 11231

Why: There was a hint of gold glitter in the cover. I liked the heavy pages with their rounded corners. It was the best book in the store and I wasn’t going to Prospect Park without a sketchbook.

Underlying Unintentional Sketchbook Theme: Things that swim. Patterns that nature makes.


Dearest #32,
It’s been fun. Remember when you bounced out of my raincoat pocket and onto the puddle covered sidewalk? I was beside myself with fear for your safety, but we laughed about it in the end. That moment even inspired some pretty cute art.

Sure, we’ve had our dalliances,

but we’ve also had our serious moments.

I know all the others here in the penthouse at 302 were jealous when I decided that you were the one coming to the Bahamas with me. You earned that trip. After all, I credit you with the brilliant creation of Sea Horse and Dolphin Paisley.

We had some great adventures, but my favorite times were the quiet ones. I think you really shined on our jaunts to the coffee shops. I know your favorite was Argo Tea in the Flat Iron building, that’s where you really let your creativity shine.

I thank you for your support and your help. You were special and I will miss you dearly. I know our time isn’t really over. I’ll visit you when I’m stumped for ideas, and when I remember that I already drew some pretty cute acorns in you.

You’ll see, it’s not the end, it’s really just the beginning, but you won’t be with me on my commute, and you won’t come to coffee houses with me this Winter. You’ve done your job and you’ve done it well and now it’s time for you to join your predecessors. They’ve been waiting for you to show up for the party:

all my love,

P.S. While I’ve been retiring sketchbooks for years (I write some of this stuff on the last page of each book) this post was greatly inspired by Valerie Best’s brilliant blog “
Read it. Love it. Be it.

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  1. 32 is retiring? What a gem she's been. I'm glad that she is joining the others. She has earned a place of honor. Who is 33??? What does she look like? Where'd she come from? How'd you find her??? Oh so many questions. Do share!

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