A Christmas March

This holiday season I got my little sister East Side for a week.  She came for the Turkey. Haha.  I have to make this joke every Thanksgiving.  It’s obligitory when you have a sister who’s a psycho dedicated vegan.  I almost had an unforgivable curse put to me for forgetting that vegan means no butter…. I put a few tablespoons in two pounds of veggies. Later when she asked for the receipe and I told her that particular part of the list, there was a bit of a rage black-out.  Luckliy the anger was hot enough to warm you up on a cold breezy night and isn’t that what being a sister is?
Warm and fuzzy? Good times.

In the dead of night on a very chilly NYC evening, we put on our walking shoes and flounced off for the Brooklyn Bridge.

This is the photo she made me take. SEE IT?! SEE THE BRIDGE? 
I thrill to have visitors here at my home. It reminds me that I live a 20 minute walk from THIS spot. Right here:

I walk over the bridge at least once or twice a month, but it is magic to see someone else see it.  It baptizes it in special all over again. 

We waltzed down to the South Street seaport, where we caught the tree lighting and where I had a nerd attack at Brookstone.  April managed to keep it together, how I don’t pretend to know.  They were having a sale on indoor helicopters!! Helicopters indoors.

Then April and I ran from some snatchers.  Luckily, we’re pretty fast, and I’m pretty good with a camera under pressure. 

I don’t know if you’ve heard, but every year Macy’s does this thing where they design some window displays.  It’s nice.  If Macy’s were a movie it’d be
Fiddler on the Roof. (Careful it might get loud.)

Macy’s would proudly trumpet,

Annually you’re faced 3  walls of windows.  One wall is the tradition TRADTION tradition of a classic Miracle on 34th Street animatroic dysplay.  You get to peek into the whole “who believes in Santa Claus?’ bit and watch a little girl gain belief in Santa.  It’s a blast to watch play out.  There’s beard pulling, the Macy’s Parade and the whole nine yards.

Awww… lit’l sis likes it!

Traditionally it is impossible to look at without cracking an ear to ear grin. See little sis, here? She didn’t stand a chance.  I dare you to look upon the trial of Chris Kringle and not have your heart grow three sizes.

 Afterall, it’s tradition.  

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