Straight from the Book

Last night I had a dream about watching my Netflix….
Apparently my life just teams with danger and romance. My subconscious has to focus on those little things I wish I had time for.When I hit my sketchbook, I very rarely have a solid idea of what I want to draw. When I moved to NYC from Hawaii, I immediately stopped dreaming. Weird, right? I grew up with the sound of constant crashing waves on white sand as ambient noise. Switching that for the ambiance of Brooklyn didn’t seem to agree with my nighttime fantasies.
It didn’t really matter because that first year at Pratt I probably got about 20 hours of sleep a week. That year I started to realize that my sketchbook is a direct line to my subconscious. For instance… 3 months before June I automatically start drawing boobies and bikinis. It’s like clock work.

Apparently all I’m thinking about these days is snow and snow clothes and ….SPRING.
Always, Spring.
P.S. Dreaming picked up two years ago when I got a smart phone and installed lightning bug. You want it. You want it bad.

Categories: Animal, Pammy Kay, Sketchy

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  1. Cute! You need a chick-a-dee for a day. Or five minutes. That’s what’s so great about drawing them, I suppose! I think I like that β€˜droid app. And good point about the waves.

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