Girls! Girls! Girls!

“Friday night and I need a fight
My motorcycle markers, watercolors and a switchblade knife
Handful of grease pencils in my hair feels right”
–motley crew and me

This was my eleventh year sitting court side at Pratt’s Annual Draw-A-Thon.
Friday night found me sprinting through Clinton Hill towards Pratt, my fortress of solitude. At this point in my life 12 hours of straight life drawing is about as exciting as Christmas.
Sandra and I have this all-nighter down to a science at this point. Even though it was a “Friday Friday” there was none of this “which seat should I take” crap. We stake. We know the best angles, and the best way to accommodate a night of sitting, standing, aching, breaking. We come like we mean business. We openly resent anyone with less noble intentions, kid with the cowardly lion hair cut, you know I am talking to you. Here are my favorites on white paper.
They’re all 30sec-2 minute sketches in Tomboy marker.

This one wouldn’t have been a favorite. There’s a lot of ish going on in spots, but look at that hand and look at those legs. Yep. Nailed it.

Any of the fun and long drawn out forms happened between 4 and 6 am. They all made my favorites cut. Apparently, when the exhaustion sets in and the giggles kick off I go all Giacometti— in a sexy way.

After looking at 12 hours worth of 30second to 5 minute drawings, this is my favorite:

I like this one because this girl actually started to fall this pose was so unweighted. I think the drawing captures her off center.

I’ll show you some on Kraft later in the week.
I drew some guys too, but you should know now, none of the boys made the cut. You know how I feel about drawing the naked male form.

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Today was lazy, so we took a walk. 💚 Summer's not over 'til we say it's over. A night that needs no filter. 😘 
#smalltownamerica #MattysBirthdayTrip2017 🌙😭 🍒❤️
#summerchores This one goes out to @jenmorello 😘 
#onlyinnyc Reuniting my husband with this one million year-old pup was a highlight on our banner blink-and-you'll miss it trip home. Brooklyn, we'll miss you forever. Thanks @kymberella281 & @peckelmann you made this guy's weekend. Today has been crap, but now it is beautiful. #gofigure Kisses! 
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