Things I Throw Myself into Tuesday – Let’s Play Pretend

This is a magical story, at least to me. Since I blog for me and for you, fifty percent of the people who read this blog love this story so I’m going to recap it here.

On a blog post ages ago I made a half-hearted list of things I know about me. I didn’t tag it very well and it got lost in the shuffle. A few months ago a friend was trying to find the list for a bio she was writing for a wedded first grade teacher bride and death metal writing, silk screening viking groom we both love dearly. Go to art school. You meet the interesting people.

I sat down, exasperated. “I’ll find it” I used the search feature on blogger and tried words I thought I’d used. She volunteered “the best thing on that list was that thing you said about always using an ! when you write Panic! At the Disco.” So I tried that. I think blogger was just being a bitch — see the list 😉

One of the things I like best about She Sure is Sketchy is how it dominates Google. OK, maybe that’s a not quite true statement… but man, we pop up in the weirdest places. I get traffic from google all the live long day. Case in point: If you’re looking for pink grasshoppers you’re probably going to find me first.

I got the thought that I would google that Panic! At the Disco sentence and find the post THAT way. So I did. I DID find the post that way! However in the greatest twofur of the year, I was also introduced to Lissy Elle, who feels the same way I do about important things – like punctuation and fairy dust.

She remains way high up there on the list I am always making of the most important women on the web. I love her for her unfenced imagination, her risky behavior, the faults that only she sees in her work, her love of sheet forts, her youth and that other thing, that people who ‘get it’ have. Most importantly I love her for living an unguarded life on the web. I’ve been getting a lot of heat for that lately. I am thrilled that she knows that hiding your talent and being scared to share your art for fear of thievery is wrong. Solidarity sister.

Consider yourself forever changed.

P.S. I know it is Wednesday, but I FORGOT. GAWD the difference a holiday makes. I am hoping I can forget all over again and that at the end of the day on “Thursday” I will realize IT IS FRIDAY and I don’t have to come back to job-job for two whole days.

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This one goes out to @jenmorello 😘 
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