Dream House

The Duchess found my dreamhouse. We are going to buy it and move to Kokomo. On the off chance it sells whilst we are scratching the 16 million dollars that we need to buy it together, I am posting pictures here to remind me of its grandeur. They’ll help me when I am having it rebuilt to exact scale and specification.

Hope we buy it as is. I’m picturing it getting very Pharaoh and the Pyramids if we have to commission excellence we’d  probably have to demand.

Of course, that chandelier and the curtains will simply have to go. Jonathan Adler will help me come up with something a tad more suitable for the custom in which I am planning to become accustomed to living.

What are you dreaming of to keep you focused and motivated and happy?

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  1. I love our house so much!
    Maybe we can start a fundraiser? Maybe we can be part of some Make-a-Wish program, except for healthy adults?
    What I really enjoy about our abode, is that we can watch Sweeney Todd, Golf, P. Diddy AND Nascar at the same time. (wtf?)
    Oh and I already have our chandeliers picked out… at least for the east wing.

  2. a room with 7-8 tvs! Now thats what I need since no one can agree what to watch or (or in the case of the boys which video game to play)

    Of course the sunken deck in the pool would have to go. That sucker would be filled with water after a few rowdy kids jumped in the pool cannonball style. 😉

  3. That's not a house, that's a freaking mansion! Well, perhaps that's why it's called a dream house, because it's dreamy in every sense of the word. I wish you luck in saving those 16 million dollars. Let us know when you get it. =)

    Sara Owens

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