A New York Minute

Because I don’t journal and because I would like to, I now bullet point my NYC existence.
This is what I did this week:

  • Ate a large and delicious but healthy Cuban brunch on the 4th of July with The Duchess, Jenny, Tim and April on Smith Street and Degraw. Nothing says America like Cuba, right? It was a great time. We talked about JFK and Barry and Shelly (the nick names that The Duchess has given the Obamas as they are now next door neighbors).
  • I took deep comfort in the fact that the Duchess had bought a plane ticket on July 3rd  from DC to NYC to arrive July 4th. She was rather embarrassed about this luxury but I was both relieved and heart gladdened at the ease at which she is breezing between states.
  • I trip-tropped to Chelsea Piers in my favorite pair of heels that I immediately removed upon arriving on the boat.
  • Watched all the Macy’s fireworks go off from a boat, floating on the Hudson in bliss so intense it almost gave me a coma.
  • Witnessed complete anarchy and near mutiny on said boat (Blog post to come. Hilarity to ensue)
  • Went back to the future and had my very first day at job-job, well, my first day at our new multi-million $$$ offices. The air there smells like money.
  • Toured the Masonic building, where every single historic room houses an organ. Theodore Roosevelt, Cecil B. Demille and FDR used to hang-out there. Now I hang-out there.
  • I laughed until I cried with my brother and sister in Madison Square Park’s shake shack surrounded by fireflies and fairy lights
  • I some how persuaded an ice cream man to get out of his truck and do me a favor
  • I fell asleep during a screening of True Lies <– who does this?
  • I hosted my kid sister’s NYC vacation all week long
  • Witnessed my first Jewish Mezuzah ceremony.
  • I pulled an all-nighter so that I could say …
  • I finished a children’s book dummy
  • I had a full day class at CBBC
  • I made a trip to my very favorite children’s book store of all time, ‘Books of Wonder’
  • I watched the Brooklyn Bombshells go head to CRUSHING head with the Queens of Pain (who I fail to link because I know my team loyalty and why would I want to encourage you to visit the enemy’s roller derby page?)
  • I made a remarkably stupid mistake and as a result begun a master calendar for the ages. It is the Parthenon of calendars.
  • On an amazing sunny Saturday I managed to drink 232 oz of water. Take that, camels.
  • I spent about two hours teaching a very focused and determined five year old how to remove his thumb optical illusion style
  • I allowed myself a happy “your welcome!” When his mother thanked me for putting something else to terrify his younger sister with in his bag of tricks
  • I lost two pounds!
  • I spent a lovely evening with my little NYC family at Jenmo’s. Bananagrams were played. Mint was consumed. A rousing round of Catchphrase managed to happen without resulting in blows. A+
  • I hosted The Duchess for an evening of hilarity and slumber party goodness any brat pack member would be jealous of.

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  1. Ah Ambo…I love you. Signed da muddah. Oh, and as an aside…serious funny spots for me…”nothing says America like Cuba”, “now I hang out there”, the sibling love fest @ Madison sq.prk., dummy's, camels, optical illustions, ummm….may I just say how much I love your new NY minute posts. I'm going away now. I shouldn't be reading your blog. I apologize for my addictions. Sorry.

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