Things I Throw Myself in to…

When I came home from work, the earthquake from this morning had thrown two innocent books, that I had known were perching on the edge of my shelf onto the floor. They sat there on the carpet, mocking me. I took one look at my messy bookshelf that’s been plaguing me for weeks and literally rolled up my sleeves.This is part of an epic undertaking as inspired long ago by Baker at Man Vs. Debt.

It started off as an innocent ploy to get my bookshelf back to his former magazine photo-shoot ready glory, but now everything is more gory than glory….ishHere’s where I started the evening. UGH! What a MESS!

What my workdesk currently looks like at 12:52 am…
Now I think I’m going to figure out some place to sleep….
I am sure that Julia and the Crew are doing much better. Run along and cheer them on!
xo and heavy dreams of books, Amber

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  1. Just checking in to make sure you have your rubbers (as in boots, get your mind out of the gutter…) and umbrella handy. Heard the hurricane is comin up the coast…Be safe!

  2. i'm so curious about the after! i totally need to do this too but the bookshelves are in my husbands office and that whole room seems kind of like a lost cause to me…

  3. Power's back on! Yesterday's New York minute got pushed to tomorrow. I feel kind of lame about it, but all things considered, it might be understandable πŸ˜‰ Thanks for the check in xoxo

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