Happy Birthday to Mary Blair

Today is the 100th Birthday of Mary Blair — she is everything I aspire to. Today google decided to do it right, and I’ve been staring lovingly at this doodle for far too long.
A few years ago I took a private meeting with an art dealer while I was in California. We discussed a 6×8″ Peter Pan original. At the time they were offering it up at 15K. I pretended I was on the fence while staring at it in the only way I have ever been absolutely ‘agog.’ At that moment I knew, that some day, one of her pieces would be mine, but not today… or probably tomorrow. I have that goal at the proper top of my bucket list though, and I’ll keep you up today on the pursuit of such happiness as I aspire to it.
In the meantime I console myself with my 1st edition  copy of “I Can Fly”. Lucky for you they reissued this a few years ago and you can snag a copy at Amazon
I’ve picked up and various cards, cartoon ads and popicle packages at estate sales over the last eight years too and those help me sleep at night under NOT an original piece of Blair brilliance.
I am more inspired by Mary than any one else, and that is saying a lot.
Now I will show you some of her stuff that is baller. Enjoy this peek at genius.
The stuff you love and think is Disney, is mostly Mary.
You are now looking at the highest level of performance a human being can achieve:
 She was also smart enough to make sure there was enough documentation of her drawing when she was young and hot and sexy. So see, there you have it, shear brilliance
Happy Birthday. I love you forever.

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