She Sure is {Sketchy} You Drive Me Batty

 Life is exceptionally good these days, pinch me good. When Life is good, I draw birds.
This bird though. This bird made me mad. He was so not cool. However, he reminded me of a bat.
Then I drew a bat.
I liked that a lot better.
Then I drew some more bats.

With Surtex growing ever nearer (in the past this time of the year I typically feel as if I’m being chased by my personal version of  The Never Ending Story’s Nothing). The end of March always finds me forcing my brain to think so production-y, so market-y, so trend-y.

In a cherished conference call last month, a client pushed Dr. Seuss out of the #1 most quotable things I auto-mantra to myself during 3am jam sessions. Here is what she said, “What I love best about these little guys, and actually everything you’ve shown us, is that your drawings are utterly disciplined but totally carefree.  I look at everything that you do and I think, “Let’s march headlong in to recess”.

So this April I am focusing on returning to what I love most about my work, and remembering that when it is good, I am trying — when it is great, it just happens–that’s when it feels like somersaults at the beach.

In summary, this post is about how birds become bats, and how Surtex is gonna rock this year.

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