She Sure is {Quailing}

She Sure is {Quailing}

This one, is for Beth – in honor of her Beth-day.

When I was about 9 years-old my mom took me for a long, sandy walk down the beach in the drizzling rain. I was feeling rather friendless and extremely sad. Everything seemed wrong. All I wanted to do was draw birds and dogs (and pretend to be Lucy). But no! I had to go to school. At school people were mean to kids who only wanted to draw birds and dogs. No one even knew who Lucille Ball was. It was a rough life. That day on the beach my mom gave me this particular piece of wisdom. She said, she bet somewhere else, maybe not too far away there was some OTHER girl who only wanted to draw dogs and bears and birds who eat marshmallows TOO!  Someday we’d meet. Of course we’d be such grand friends!

I sat there actively following the logic of her spin on things. “Yeah right! Does she have a house on the beach too?” I asked, surly over the dirge I was sure I was being handed to console me. Mom looked at me like I was dense. “Of course she does.” –“OH YEAH?? IS SHE LEFT HANDED!?” Again with the look, “What do you think?” – I plopped in the muddy sand and thought… “yeah… YEAH! I bet that’s true!” I got in to it, “Yeah! That MAKES SENSE! Somewhere there’s TOTALLY some girl like that!” The thought got me through many a long day. It turns out she was close. Only an ocean away – but of course we had to travel through time and space so we could meet in a dingy room with no windows in NYC.  Happy birthday, dear friend.  I am glad you were born.

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  1. This is my favorite thing ever, by the way. I have no words (you know that’s a lie, I have way too many but I don’t know how to put them together just now). xoxoxo

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