She Sure {Otter Be Drawing}

The smell of new paper. Clean water. The sound of the ocean.
The pink pearly white of a shell just plucked from the Pacific. 
This week, Deandre Mae and the Kid Lit Art team kicked off a beautifully selfless challenge – calling artists to be a tad more selfish with what they draw. The draw for me was its simple call to action.
Draw things you love.

What started as a simple green ink – “cuddly animal with an apple product”
OtterBe_Closing (1 of 1)a mere six days ago has launched me in to
“The Otter Project”

During this month of looove. I’ve decided to add 100 otters to my name.
So far here are some of my favorite new friends.


And on that note…
TheGreatNorthWoods.Studies_023_FWIf you read She Sure is Sketchy, you otter know  – I adore a call to action.
You can follow all the excitement this month by following the hashtag #KidLitArt28

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Working title: 'Spring Green, en plein air' 
In other news, it's 72° in Utah today where grilled goat cheese & cucumber has me at hello. Point and shoot. 
#isthisreallife #utahskies Grateful for the recent influx of friends visiting us here in UT - Most nights @matteck35 I are in bed and streaming Netflix before 11, but the Brooklyn Kids arrive and remind us that we're young and fun and that the night still belongs to bright lights and bonfires. 🔥 🎶 ✨ Last week we toasted that fluke of a night I stepped into @61local and locked eyes with this dreamy man for the very first time. @matteck35 has been mine ever since. So far away from where we started, I'm lucky every day I have the sweetest part of my love affair with Brooklyn right here by my side. #soclassy #tbt #mushy #downunderthemanhattanbridgeoverpass #Repost @textsfromyourexistentialist
・・・a new to me favorite. #Lautrec. Spring please. 🤞
#roomwithaview Our love is al dente & caliente.

#roastedredpeppers & #freshpasta with #lemonricotta & #babyarugula too. (The meatballs are from Kirkland, in case anyone thinks this is a @Matteck35 dish, it's just inspired by my loooooove for him.) #valentines #ourloveisaldenteycaliente And the flowers have glitter on them!! #truewuv #valentine Buen buen día.
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