She Sure is {Reaching Out}

This has been under wraps and precious,
not unlike my journey here to Provo Studios in Utah. Every day after job-job I flutter to my paints (quietly, so quietly) and pick up crafting away my little opus of art.

This morning one of the most giving women I know – brought me up in a rather large way. Kat Yeh is the kind of person who reaches out. She shares everything in a way that I admire, the good, the bad, the great. Fittingly, I thought today I would share too. Our chance meeting was for sure a sign of the Universe reaching out and sweeping me up in adventure, showing me some of the best this Earth has to give.

As such, I thought I’d share a bit about my own return to nature. 
ThanksForReachingOut_07_FINIt started small…

The way everything great in my life always has started. Just a whisper.
Amber Alvarez_sharingbearsketch.jpgQuite honestly it was about strawberries. There is something about a strawberry – perhaps it’s the shape, is always a heart-offering. When these two unlikely friends came bumbling from my pen, I knew they needed something to draw them together. Of course it would be food. What better does nature have to offer?

Then my searching lead to wonder. Where would these two companions meet? I assumed they’d meet on Pinterest.

squirrel_AmberAlvarez_PinterestBears_AmberAlvarez_PinterestThat was the first place I looked for them. I was not disappointed.

They introduced me to a bevvy of their best friends – their neighbors in The Great Northern Woods. Guys, do you know that The Great Northern Woods only covers 6% less of the World than the Amazon’s rain forest?! What!? Did you know baby foxes live there!? Did you know bunnies live there!? How about hideous but charming Wild Turkeys?! – Well you will– you will know these things if you read my blog and look for my first Utah Collection – The Great North Wood. I’m in process and it’s a beast (s) – but that’s the point, right? admin-ajaxLast night I framed this baby – and I’m a bit wistful to say goodbye for a time. However, I am very proud to say that soon he’ll have a family – and they’ll have friends.

I always want my art – when it’s not hilarious for hilarity’s sake – to be classically modern. I want it to look fresh, but also stand the test of time. So framing this felt important. In the end – when offering your heart –
Go for the Gold.


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I'm leaving Adobe Max and Las Vegas prouder of human beings than I have been since kindergarten. This week, I danced my brains out while Mark Ronson dj'd, had Johnathan Adler speak directly to my soul, learned things I've been trying to understand on my own, met so many of my idols and took my art to a level I've been striving for. I marveled at the depth of creativity in the world, (& of course, I saw Britney, b**tch.) Vegas is so beautiful and bright & strong. 🍁🍁🍁 And I think to myself what a wonderful world
 #tanniversary #alohaoe #🌺🌙🍯 💙/ 💙 💙 High Tea with this heartthrob. 
#🌺🍯🌙 #tanniversary2017 One of Matt's most wonderful culinary school professors owns a gorgeous restaurant here in Honolulu. It is Brooklyn meets Hawaii & it's a total party, @fetehawaii -- The food is as delicious as it is beautiful, but these Foie Gras Gyoza (King trumpet mushroom water chestnut duxelle, Maui Upcountry poha jam, balsamic chili reduction) were even better than they look ;) Spending the evening with the owners was a highlight of this already baller tanniversary  #🌺🍯🌙 #tanniversary2017 #🌺🍯🌙 Here's to a solid year of wedded bliss with this heartthrob. #year1withmynumber1 #🌺🍯🌙
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