Spotted!! Yay for Spots!

“Spotted” was the theme for this Friday’s Illustration. This is my first stab ever at Illustration Friday! I had fun doing it. The best part of the drawing for me is the baby coloring with the green crayon. He made the whole illustration worth it.

A Little Italian Cookie

I’ve been working on this one for a few days. She’s a little Italian girl. At this age she wanted to run away and join the circus. The the backbend in the drawing was her signature trick. Yes, she’s picking up a handkerchief with her teeth! I decided to add some Italian movie posters on the wall. The text for the entire book stresses how much she has always loved movies.

Servant’s Quarters can be Fun

We finally settled on digital color for the book. I’m going to try to incorporate a few textures without going overboard. On this page I really love the patterns on the Chinese dresses. This page is about how he grew up in China dreaming of living in a golden house. He had a pet monkey who made eating in the servant’s quarters fun. The client was pretty set on dream bubbles, but I hate them. I’m going to try to make the []

Hopping into Blogging

I’ve recently been handed this great contract. I’m working on a book about the life of a CEO. The book showcases both his life and his wife’s life. I started with character designs following photo reference and ended up here. Now I’m just running with it. I am hoping this brand, spanking new blog will give me a kick in the pants. As master of my domain I plan on having some fun kicking around the old pencils.